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Sequined Knit Low-Rise


Stretchy mesh tank with a cotton doilie collar and low rise hand-knit skirt together make this a flattering and unique gown to pull overhead and style many ways.

Upper bodice features a tiny windowpane detail to compliment the see-through waistline. 

A vintage acrylic bright-coral toned skirt, with individual hand-knit iridescent sequins in a stripe pattern and at the hem.

Adjustable waist, tied with a red satin bow. Can be worn as a drop waist modeled here or tied at the true waist if desired.

Red and white cotton gingham elasticized puff sleeve, used for styling. Available as a permanent feature if desired. Please include this preference in the comment field at checkout.

Length: 45 in
Bust: 37 in max
Hip: 40 in max 
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This garment was made from 100% recycled, vintage, or dead-stock materials. Expertly selected for quality and longevity in mind.
Care: Spot clean. Hand wash only, warm-cool. Mild soap only. Lay flat or hang to dry.
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